Short stories

Her – Short story

That morning she woke before sunrise. She got up from her bed and stretched her arms up towards the painted ceiling; the flowers, birds and vines above her. She brushed her long, curly locks which were almost the same shade as honey.

Her eyelids still felt a little heavy and she could help but yawn and wipe her eyes. Yet she smiled to the mirror while bent down to wash the sleep from her eyes with some cool water cupped in her hands.

After drying her face she pulled the satin rope hanging next to her bed. She could almost hear the twinkle of the tiny bell few floors down. Her maid came right away up the stairs and soon she heard a knock on her door. 

“Come in”, she said while she sat down on her bed side. The door opened and then there were two women in the room, she and her dark haired servant, who ran straight away to the closet on the other side of the room. The heavy wooden doors were opened and her dress of the day was hanging on the inside of the other door. 

The maid lifted the dress and laid it down on the bed, next to the lady. Then she went to get the shoes laid down on the floor next to the closet. She helped lady to get into the dress, closed the small buttons on the back of the dress and straightened the skirt. 

Her hair was put up and a little make up was added, not that she needed it in my opinion. When the maid exited I was waiting on the hallway. 


I knocked on the door and she opened for me with a bright smile on her face. It warmed my heart, nothing more to say. 

“I’m not that hungry, Darrel, but thank you”, she said with a kind tone on her voice. She stepped a bit to the left and I rolled my food trolley into her room. I stopped it near the table and went to open the curtains to let some light in. She sat down and watched me doing my work. 

“M’lady, is there something you need?”, I asked and forced a smile on my face. She smiled back and I can promise that my heart stopped for a moment. For that second my smile was real. 

“Not really”, she said and shook her head gently. She looked out of the window and sighed. The day was beautiful, sun shined up in the sky and everything was good. But I’m sure I could see a little tear in the corner of her eye. 

“You look beautiful”, I said it finally out loud, almost chocking on my words. She looked at me, and I could have done anything to have her to keep. Hold her into the night close. In my mind I promised to God that if he would let me do that I’d never hurt her. I’d give her anything she was seeking, go to the ends of the world for her happiness. 


In the back of my head I knew he wouldn’t do it. She looked at the clock, got up from her chair and in an hour she walked up the aisle. I stood there, and at least now I thank her for not making it any harder than it already was. 

Short stories

Picket fence – Short story

The clock was ticking, eating the time away with small bites. Second by second. I looked at it and held my breath. Then I blew the air slowly out from my lungs as an even stream. It took forever.

The white walls were staring at me, judging me. I felt the looks like spikes on my neck while passing nervously around the hall. I couldn’t stand still, not even for a moment. Salty, cold droplets were slowly forming on my forehead, but i wiped them away on my sleeve. Breathing was getting hard.

It was just a few hours ago when I sat in my car clasping on the wheel and trying to drive according to the speed limits. It was harder than when I first got my license. Back then I was a kid, took stupid risks, broke rules and did what ever I could to feel alive. It didn’t take much to talk me into anything, if it made me seem cool enough. Then I just didn’t see it that way.

Now, walking round and round like a cat in a cage, I knew there was no way I could ever go back to that. No matter what would happen. I had been trapped. People walked by and looked at me kinda funny. Some were smiling as they knew something more. Something I was yet to figure out. But not all, some people didn’t know what it all was about. Not everyone would get to experience it.

I glanced at the clock again, it had been too long and I was fearing the worst. There was no one to throw my numerous questions at, so I just had to hold it in, all the fear and anxiety which was gushing out. It showed on my face while I sweated and just couldn’t sit down. You’d think I would get tired, but I didn’t. I couldn’t.

Thoughts ran through my head. What would I do? What could I do? Different endings that were possible at this point. I couldn’t see the future but that didn’t prevent me from trying. A white picket fence surrounding a large house, a home with kids running outside. A huge, old tree on the back yard, just perfect for a swing. I’d build one, I’d tie two ropes on it and a blank between them. A garden for my love on the other side of the yard. Flowers with every color imaginable. Ground ivies climbing their way closer and closer to the sky, I’d build them a lattice to grow around. White window sills, a house light blue as the sky.

If it wouldn’t happen? Life was a gamble. Life still is a gamble, and I could lose everything I had. It was clearer to me than ever before. I collapsed on the sterile flagged floor and buried my face in my hands. I couldn’t live on. Losing everything would be to much for me to take, it was to much to even imagine. So I pushed it aside.

My friends always told me not to commit to anything at that young age. Even my parents didn’t think it was a good idea and I followed it. I listened to them as I thought they knew so much better than me. 

I got up from the floor and wiped the tears from my eyes.

What else could I do than listen? I was just a stupid kid. 

The salty water stung my eyes a bit and made my eyes wet more. It took a moment to stop from crying, but then the door opened.

I didn’t know anything about life. I didn’t know what I even wanted from life. How could I have known? Then I met you…

“You can come inside”, a soft voice told me and I didn’t need to be told twice. I walked to the door and I’m sure I didn’t breath even a single breath in or out during that short, yet so long walk.

I, a stupid kid, met you. And from the moment I saw you, I just knew. 

The floor under my feet felt soft as I was walking on clouds. My hands were shaking and it was just pure luck that I was able to stay on my feet while walking through the room. I had never seen anything as beautiful, maybe I never would again. Tears filled my eyes again. You had never been so gorgeous than on that single second as I walked in.

There was no going back. 

I reached my arms towards you. You looked at me with your tired, soaked wet eyes. But your smile was brighter than anything I had ever seen. A solar eclipse couldn’t blind me as you did at that single moment. “Do you wanna hold her?”

I was trapped. And I loved it. 

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Untitled story, part six

His heart jumped up his throat as he stared eye to eye with another figure in the dark. The figure lifted his hand in front of his own face signing to keep quiet. Lyam did as he was told and climbed up to the roof. Slowly and as silently as he could he pulled out his weapon and moved closer. The shadow next to him looked at him and nodded for a sign. Than they attacked. 

There was five men standing on the roof with longbows and arrows. They didn’t talk, they just aimed and shot anyone who got out of the burning building. They were all wearing the same, unfamiliar uniform, mostly black with few dark-blue marks on their sleeves. Few of them had their quivers on their backs, but the others held it somewhere on the roof in front of them to access easier. As Lyam prepared for a fight raising his sword he could see that on the quiver there was some sort of sign, covered up with cloth of some sort to seal their identity. 

Lyam stuck his sword into the man’s back and pulled it quickly out. It wasn’t even a fight, as the man fell down pretty easily. That was the advantage of surprise attack. Lyam turned to look at the shadow next to him just in time to see how he dealt with his opponent. Just a single push. The other one of the archers fell down on the ground screaming. All of it went quiet very fast as he hit the street. The other three turned around, two of them panicking already. It seemed that they didn’t really expect that someone would be able to get on the roof without them noticing. One of them dropped the bow right away and grabbed a dagger from his belt. Then he started to get closer to Lyam. The men would fight to their death, that was sure. 

The other fellow on the roof didn’t hesitate. He took few fast steps closer to the other two men making sure they couldn’t make a run for it. The other one of the men looked down, closed his eyes and made a choice Lyam didn’t anticipate. He leaned back and stepped over the edge. This time it was different, the fall was completely silent. Only when he hit the ground he started to scream. He was still alive but in agony. The other one of the two men, who stayed on the roof looked down at his mate and on the meanwhile the ‘shadow’ buried his sword into the man’s stomach. Then he grabbed his sword by two hands and kicked the the third archer from the roof. 

Lyam stood still. He had been in fights a lot of times, he had been trained for this, but the brutality was just too much. The whole situation was overwhelming. The last archer got closer and closer with his dagger even though Lyam took steps back as much as he could without falling of the roof. 

“Are you seriously that sick of life?” he could hear a voice as he saw the last archer get hit and fall, staying on the roof at least until the man kicked him down. Verrill wiped the blade of his sword from blood before putting it away. 

“Well not really…” Lyam answered mumbling and stared at his friend. His face was as serious as it could be while he looked down on the street. Lyam knew it was something that needed to be done, that wasn’t what was bothering him. He just never imagined his kindhearted friend to be so… Cruel. 

“Have you seen Denisa?”, Verrill asked and Lyam nodded, “Is she alright?” 

“Yes, she’s waiting down the latter”, Lyam said and both of them started to walk down the roof ridge, “She tried to go back into the house…” Lyam could just get that far to what had happened when they both heard a voice above all the chaos: Denisa. 

As fast as an arrow flying across the sky Verrill ran through the roof and started climbing down the latter. He just got down few steps before jumping down and Lyam, as fast as he could, followed behind. Then they ran after her following the voice as long as they could hear it. After that it was just a guessing game. 

As the alleyway they were running split, so did they. Without a word Verrill ran to the other direction and Lyam to the other so they would have any chance to find her before it would be too late. 

Lyam was panting as he ran through the narrow alleys of Tarrion, which reminded him of what had happened in his old home. It was different, but yet it had some of the same elements. Fear, running, cold sweat and tears running down his face sewed the memory into reality so tightly he couldn’t just rip it off. At that moment, while running as fast as he could not for his life but for someone else’s, he knew that he could run no more. He couldn’t escape his feelings, neither he could run from everything he had done, all the things that had happened. 

And this time there was no room for failure. 

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Untitled story, part five

Lyam ran through the hallway to the stairs after others. Only thought running through anyone’s head was to get out of the building as fast as they could. Fire had already swallowed the tavern’s back room when they got down the stairs. Every room was checked so no one was going to be left behind. At least that was what they hoped for and did their best to achieve. 

Smoke was in the air and it got hard to breath. People were coughing and trying to pull their sleeves over their faces. Lyam lifted his arm and crouched. There was only one doorway to left and the windows were too small to fit through, so it was taking long to get out. Then the screaming started.

First they were confused, men were looking around trying to see if there was anyone left behind. All they could see was smoke and flames filling the room. The screaming didn’t come inside the house. Even though it took a while to figure out.

“Lyam! Lyam!”, someone was yelling over the shouts, coughing and crackling of the burning wood. The young man tried to glance over others to see where he heard his name, but the room was filled with way taller, broadly build men. Before he could open his mouth to answer he felt slender hand grabbing his sleeve from somewhere middle of the crowd. He took a hold of the hand and held tight. It was Denisa, who did her best to push through to get back inside the burning house.

“What in the world are you doing!?” Lyam yelped before bursting to cough. His eyes were stinging from the smoke and it was getting harder and harder to see even his own nose as salty drops were running down his face. He still could see the terror in Denisa’s face as she got through to him.

“They are gonna kill us”, she cried while squeezing his hand. No one understood what was going on, but at that moment it all clicked in Lyam’s head. It was clear what was going on. Lyam pulled his hand away from Denisa and cupped her hands into his while looking into her eyes.

“We need to get out of here”, Lyam said as gently as he could in all the noise. People were in panic as they got outside and tried to run back inside, some of the men just stood still and some were still trying to get out. Lyam turned around still holding Denisa’s both hands with his other hand. The other hand he had lied down on the hilt of his sword. He couldn’t yet pull it out from the scabbard, but he needed to be ready as he didn’t know what he was going to face outside.

Lyam pushed his way through the crowd of men trying to find the easiest path out. He tried to get Denisa out, that was his main concern at that single moment. He closed his teary eyes and wiped the his eyes into his sleeve. The relieve was just temporary but helped him to find the doorway. He got outside but couldn’t move anywhere for a moment.

Men lied down on the ground, blood was everywhere screams were filling the air like a fog over the mountains. There was arrows sticking up from the ground around the bodies and a little further there were men fighting an unfair fight. Swords weren’t clanging together, as most of the men had lost their weapons at some point. Most hadn’t even gotten a chance to fight.

Lyam pulled his sword out and stepped to the left away from the door. He was looking around trying to find the archers who apparently were hiding somewhere near by. The lanterns had been turned off and the only light to addition of the nights pale gloom was their flaming home behind them. Smoke was spreading outside making it even harder to see around. That was when Lyam noticed the movement on the other side of the road.

He pulled Denisa after him and sprinted over the street to the other side. The poor lass was in so deep shock that she had a hard time to get moving, but Lyam was determinate to have her safe. The bowstrings tightened and soon the rain of arrows was raining down on the street. The young man tugged hard, a little too hard as Denisa fell towards him. Lyam snatched her preventing her from hitting the ground and wrapped his arms around her as the arrows hit the men who had gotten outside. He had to make sure she didn’t see it. The archers had chosen their place very well on the roof of the other building opposite of their home.

Denisa held on to Lyam  as tightly as she could and buried her head into his chest as he tried to cover her ears with one hand. Tears rolled down her face and breathing was hard due to terror. The time she had the young man holding her was too short. As soon as the archers started to reload their longbows, Lyam pulled away. He lifted his hands to lift her head so he could see her eyes.

“We… I need to get rid of those archers”, he explained and took from her hand. He couldn’t leave her there, she needed a safe place to hide near by. “Do you have a weapon?”

Denisa slowed down for a moment and lifted up her skirt a bit. She reached down her left boot and dug out a small dagger. It wasn’t much but it would have to do. The two of them ran around the building on which the archers were standing. Denisa did her best to get herself together, but as soon as they got behind the house Lyam told her to wait there. So many things could go wrong as he climbed up the latter left resting on the wall. Fortunately the creaking of the old wooden latter drowned under all the noise but as soon as he got to the top he could see a pair of eyes staring back at  him and he couldn’t do anything else than stop right there. Another blade was glittering in the moonlight.  Continue reading “Untitled story, part five”

What's going on?

Sooo much stress! 

At least here everything seems to pile up to these weeks of spring. Hobbies are ending for the summer which means there is a lot to do. Exams are scheduled near eachother and all should be wrapped up for summer. 

And always there is something that was forgotten and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. I know I’m not the best in these sort of things. I procrastinate as much as possible and by doing that add to the stress I already have. Now I should also wait for the results of the exams I have taken which is stressful enough. 

Tomorrow me and my boyfriend are headed to see another appartment near by. It isn’t located as great as the other one but we haven’t heard anything from that yet. Most likely we didn’t get it so we really have to look for something else. 

My family life is full of drama at the moment as my mother is not in good terms with my uncle but I’m doing my best to keep my nose out of it. 

But now I should get my butt off of this chair and get going. Too much to do, and not the easiest things for me atleast. 

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Untitled story, part 4

As the cold blade slashed his skin, there was only one thing he could think of: Her. There was nothing in the world that would make him forget about her and if it was up to him he’d spend his whole life by her side – one way or another. Just being near her had been enough for him and it would still be, that he knew the best. But as he felt the end closing up he could only hold onto the memory. 

Metallic clang woke him up fast and he jumped out of the way. He could hear the question in his mind, and the familiar, clear voice. He saw the two men fall down, that was the end of the chase. By turning his head just a bit on the left he could see the figure of his best friend. 

The olive green eyes stared back at Lyam in fright and confusion under the dark, thick eye brows. In a way he reminded Lyam of the young man’s father. Verrill was almost like his father in many ways. Only his skin was a shade darker and hair hadn’t yet gotten gray. Verrill also shaved a lot more often than his now passed away father. But he was like a brother. Not like the others back there with their pints. More like the way Lyam imagined it would be like to have a sibling, they had been always close friends and Verrill was only two years older than Lyam. 

“Where’s your weapon?”, Verrill asked with with the same, strict voice Algernon used to give commands, “Lyam?” Usually bright and quick young man felt himself so small, like back then when he was just a child. He didn’t know what to answer, what to do and soon the stinging pain caught up with him. He lifted his other hand to push down on his left forearm to feel the warm and still wet blood which had painted his white undershirt red. He had no idea how deep the wound was, and he had no time to find out. 

Verrill didn’t wait long for an answer but grabbed by Lyam’s healthy arm and started to run where Lyam had been going earlier. Still in shock and injured Lyam felt like he’d need to say something, explain… Do something, anything really.

“They’re drunk”, he got out of his mouth which made Verrill exhale deeply.

“Dear lord…”, Verrill grunted but still continued his way towards the old tavern, where they lived. A thought passed through Lyam’s head while running: should he say anything about Denisa? Maybe no, but if it comes up it might prove difficult to explain why he had made Verrill’s little sister cry. 

Denisa reminded a lot his brother, not that she was broad or manly in any way (if manners were not included.) He had the same colored hair and eyes, but her face was just like her mother’s. Or at least that’s what their father used to say. Lyam still remembered a few years back when he arrived there, their mother had passed just a few weeks earlier due to pneumonia so he never met her. Sorrow was around the whole town, so I guess Lyam worked as a distraction to Algernon, who no one saw crying. He always stood strong for his family. Someone had to. 

Lyam couldn’t open his mouth, not while his thoughts were running all over, escaping the reality. And before too long the two men were running straight through the door inside the first floors tavern. As Lyam guessed some of the men had already crawled up the stairs, two of them had passed out, the other on the table and other one on the wooden floor. But everyone was dead silent as they saw Verrill and him run inside. 

Blood was dripping on the floor from Lyam’s arm, but it didn’t stop the young man from running up the stairs to get his sword. ‘

“Wake the others up!” Verrill ordered and Lyam did how he was told. He kicked some of the bedrooms’ doors open and yelled everyone to get up. Some of the men where wake enough to get up before Lyam could get to their doors. One of them was three girls’ room that opened. 

“What the hell?”, Denisa mumbled. Her hair was a mess, which meant she had probably been sleeping it off and wasn’t on the best of moods. Her eyes were red and puffed due to crying, and maybe partly the ale. Others who Lyam was able to wake up easy-enough where questioning the same thing, but still got their swords, axes or what ever was the weapon of choice and walked to the hall. 

“We’re being attacked”, Lyam answered quick and ran into his room. Before he or anyone else could say another word a loud scream ran through the house followed by a whoosh. Fire

Neither this time Lyam was able to gather up his things. All of it stayed there, was left behind. It all happened so fast that it didn’t even cross Lyam’s mind to pick something up. All his belongings he had been able to gather during the last few years. All he had gotten from other people, especially Algernon, his only father-figure. all the un-send letters. Everything. All of it were to go up in smoke on that one unlucky night – Literally. Everything except the clothes on his back and his sword he managed to get.


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Short stories · Untitled story

Untitled story, part 3

His heart was beating out of his chest. Every cell in his body was screaming to run, flee as fast as he could, but he stood still for a moment and then started to slowly approach the corner behind which the sound came before it stopped. It felt like a forever to sneak closer and closer as his brain and feet kept trying to co to the other direction. But his heart told him otherwise. And that was something he hadn’t yet learned not to listen. 

He was a smart young man, when it came to tactics and battle, but on the other end he was just a fool for a bunch of things. He went where his heart told him to go, which had made it hard to stay at his current home from time to time. But for a few years he hadn’t moved anywhere. It was one of the many things he had Algernon to thank for. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, it was now only a matter of time that he would leave his home. 

Lyam squeezed his hands into fists and tried not to breath too loudly. As he got closer he started to hold it in, without even noticing it. He was just about to look behind the corner to see what was going on when he heard a loud thump. There he lied. The same man Lyam had seen many times lighting up the town after sundown. Blood was covering the stone under him and he had stopped moving. He had stopped screaming. 

Lyam just stared at the man, who stared back at him fright still in his eyes and now it was there to stay. But Lyam could still hear voices further to the street. Now he could be sure that it wasn’t about how far the men were, Lyam couldn’t still understand what they were saying. Some of the words were familiar, but it was a language he didn’t speak or identify for that matter. But what he did notice was that the voices were coming closer. 

Lyam took a few steps back trying to stay silent and not to run away as it would surely alarm the intruders. He was already panting and shaking all over. He might have to stand up for himself alone against not one or two… At least five men, who sounded rather large. Or maybe it was the horror. Lyam lied his hands on his hips to take hold of his belt but to his terror he didn’t find it. He had left it in his room with his sword. 

The voices were drawing near, and now Lyam could understand one of the words and that was fire. Adrenaline was gushing through his veins as panic took over each and every one of the young man’s muscles. He turned around and ran. He could hear his own heart beat in his ears and the blood rushing as he turned around the first corner. The men started yelling something Lyam didn’t quite understand but he know that he couldn’t stop. Not even for a split second. 

He tried his best to loose the men on his track turning in every corner to some direction just praying that he didn’t run into a dead end. Only thing that he could think was what would happen if he couldn’t make it to the others. Or would it even matter. Most of the men were so drunk that they couldn’t surely handle a sword. If he’d continue to the same direction, he would just bring the trouble to his helpless friends, brothers, the only family he has. 

Lyam stopped right in his tracks. He couldn’t just simply do that. He couldn’t lead death to their front door, he had made life hard enough for his mother, he couldn’t continue to do so to everyone else around him. Lyam was a man now, he should be able to bear the consequences of his doings. He couldn’t be a little boy anymore. 

He turned around and stood still. At least he would die honorably.. Well, not really. He couldn’t really tell if he was being brave or foolish but this had to be better than to lead an enemy on his front porch. He closed his  eyes and prayed the death to be fast and as painless as it could be. The yelling got closer and closer, until Lyam could bet his own head for that they could see him. He didn’t open his eyes, as the sword was raised the 
second time that night. It slashed the air until it was buried in to flesh. Blood ran down and soon a last breath was taken. 

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” he could hear a voice near by. 

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