No life novel is a blog about my life, a story I have for sharing. My life is at a point where everything is changing, there is much going on and a lot to talk about.

I myself am soon to be twenty, Finnish girl, about to move away from home. I have a lot of hobbies: theater in all ways possible, art, literature, music… I love to draw, paint, sing and play my guitar, but I wish to be an author when I’m older. I write short stories and I have been writing a novel for half a year, mostly in Finnish.

Writing is a way of life for me. It has been with me through thick and thin since I was ten years old. I just simply love it. Publishing my own writings in any way has been a little bit hard for me. I criticize myself way too much, which you might see on my blog posts, especially the ones with any sort of short stories or such. My writing style is in Finnish a little over flowing. I like to paint a picture with my words, which basically means there is a lot of text sometimes about small details. As English is not my native language writing sometimes may be a little different and my grammar may not be always so perfect.

What I like to write about is usually people and relationships. I love fantasy and stories that ¬†are set some other time in the history than what we live in. My stories may not be that accurate historically, but that is not the point really, not for me. Also the endings are not always that happy, or anything of my stories may not be the happiest stuff to read. It might be that I like drama, but I don’t really know for sure.

Some of my stories do get inspiration from real world, my own experiences or something else, but they usually are not straight from life word for word.


But well, it just might be that the best novel I would have on my grips is my own life. Even as it sometimes seems I don’t have a life.